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Hold my light

If there was a prize for hypocrisy? ……..

‘Hold My Light’ is a new campaign from Philip Morris International, makers of Marlboro. It is a campaign to help people quit smoking! It was launched on 22nd October with a website and wrap-around covers of Mirror Group newspapers “We … Read more »

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  • @Nick_Nurse_NBA Congratulations from the Hooper family. (Smokefree Birmingham) - 6 days ago.
  • New PHE campaign launched. Working with Drinkaware for the first time. Duncan Selbie's blog explains why. https://t.co/cmrahhszsb - 10 days ago.
  • BLF's important report shows how our smokers are not being helped to quit as much as before. This is bad for the in… https://t.co/hRGfsbH219 - 4 days ago.