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Is new smokefree world foundation just a front for the tobacco industry? WHO and others think so.

The Lancet has published a viewpoint regarding the recently established recently established Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, funded by tobacco giant Philip Morris International.

who1The Foundation, launched in September, has been condemned by medical societies, public health campaigners, and tobacco control advocates. Critics are sceptical of the tobacco multinational’s motives. WHO, meanwhile, dismissed the Foundation as a front group, whose research and advocacy “cannot be accepted at face value”;

WHO has refused to engage with the Foundation, urging governments and the public health community to follow its lead. Read more here




unionThe International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease said:

“A tobacco-free world will not be built on the blood money of tobacco giants, or the pseudoscience they peddle. It is being built, on the commitment of policymakers to securing the health of populations, and on the integrity and technical excellence of academics and civil society organisations worldwide.”

world strokeand the World Stroke Organisation described the new foundation as a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’






iPIP and the TCCC support the view that we should not partner with tobacco industry-funded organisations whatever their stated aims.

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